Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Family Mealtime - The Plan in Action

I wrote earlier this week about family mealtimes and how hard it was for me to accomplish. I knew a little bit about why it was so important, but I have learned a lot more about why it is something we all (no matter your family size!) should be doing. and some great tips on ways to make it happen. (remember realistic achievement, not perfection)

Here is a website completely dedicated to helping you make family meals a reality. There are articles, recipes and tools to help you. You can read about how to ease the battle of the vegetable, teach your kids how to cook and how to make mealtimes even more fun. This website is a fantastic resource that can you get you started and keep you going to dinner together as a family. 

My Plate has a page on family mealtimes. The tips are quick to read and very helpful. They even have conversation starters and ideas for what your kids can do to help at dinner time. 

Kid's Health has some information on family meals. They break it down into three easy steps: Plan, Prepare, and Enjoy! They even had a little graphic to remind us that we should enjoy mealtimes and cooking together. That cooking for ourselves and eating "in" together really can be so much nicer than grabbing some unhealthy "on the go". 

And the ultimate crusader for family mealtime The Food Nanny. There are so many ideas and solutions to problems here and she is so cute and fun you could spend a whole day (at least) exploring her website and reading her books. From her ideas of theme nights to her philosophy of living the True Life, she is amazing and you will end up loving her as much as I do. 

Are you getting excited about doing this? Me Too! For those of us who are serious about taking better care of ourselves and our families, this is one of the best things that we can do - and get real results. 

Just a parting thought, this is a long term - long range goal thing. Aim for three nights a weeks to start, or even three meals a week - make one of them a breakfast - it doesn't always have to be dinner. And if you don't make it today, then try again tomorrow and the next day, and next week too. This is one of those little changes that is going to add up to be amazing for everyone. Good Luck to All of us, We can do This!