Tuesday, October 8, 2013

First Day of Annual Conference

I am at Food $ense annual training and I am learning a million zillion things that I am going to be able to share with you. I am so excited I can hardly wait to get back home and get into my kitchen in from of my camera. 

Today as our last challenge of the day and first experience with our new curriculum we had to make our own dinner with just pantry stables that we were given and of course, we had to stick with all the basics that we have been teaching, My Plate, Family Mealtime, Half your Grains Whole all of it had to make it's way into the lesson. It was so challenging and so creative and FUN!

 My assigned group was an eclectic mix of people and their jobs here at Food $ense. We had 2 NEA's on our team, but one of them was hired just yesterday. Welcome to the Jungle (Guns and Roses screaming loudly) style.

We took our pantry items and had to make ourselves dinner. A My Plate approved dinner. could... we  ... do IT? ?!?   oh Yes, Yes We Can!

Carrot sticks with delicious yogurt pepper dip. (it was delicious and very pretty)

Tortilla soup. the perfect amount of spice, chopping took the longest and even that was done in 15 minutes or less. 15 minute chop / 15 simmer Dinner is DONE  Bazinga!!  It was a great chicken tortilla soup. we cut down on the sugar and fat as much as possible by rinsing the items that came from cans and not adding any extra salt or fats. The flavor of the chilils and the peppers was enough to carry the soup over the top!

Out sweet little ending to this dinner party was a fruit and yogurt parfait. We layered vanilla yogurt with canned peaches, topped that with rough cut oats and sliced almonds. How can something this simple. Be This Delicious! It could lead to an uprising....  All food should be so simple and Delicious..

I believe that I have just stumbled onto the secret of the Creates program. Simple, Pure, Healthy food can be Easy and Delicious!  Lucky for all of us, It isn't going to be a secret anymore!  Contact your county supervisor and request a lesson, attend a class. go online and participate in the online learning and grow your brain a shocking amount. 

I learned a lot today. I hope my brain can stop thinking about it long enough to rest so I can sleep and go learn about 100times MORE tomorrow.  We are going to have the BEST year!!