Monday, November 11, 2013

Christmas Trees and Buffalo Wings

I spent the whole day today decorating the house for Christmas. I didn't do anything else. The dished piled up in the sink, the laundry baskets silently filled up and dinner plans were not even considered until 4:30 when my oldest son asked the dreaded question, "what's for dinner?".

 I said, "go ahead and read the menu" thinking I was oh so clever and ready for this question ahead of time. "It says Shepherd's Pie" he replies to me, RATS! I haven't gotten the ground beef out to thaw, I haven't cooked the potatoes there was honestly no way this dinner was happening and we both knew it.

 He tells me, "I don't like Shepherd's Pie, ya know", so I asked what he did want for dinner. "Buffalo Wings" he says. Now I love those spicy little wings as much as the next gal, maybe even more than the next gal (if she was really thin and didn't enjoy spicy food dunked in blue cheese), but I didn't have frozen chicken wings and I don't think I have any idea how to even make the darn things. He wanted to go OUT to eat, and we both knew that too.

 Lucky for me, (and the whole family, really), I have the new Creates in my back pocket for occasions just like this. I can totally create something that is buffalo chicken flavor. I looked for my handouts for a minute (and couldn't find them - note to self... Find those!)So I brought the handouts up online, I was thinking something like the polynesian skillet that is one of our quick cooking meals. Buffalo Chicken over rice? That was it, now how was I going to create it? I brought my handout up on the computer screen. I was totally confident that I could do this.

 Step 1: Choose a protein - Chicken. Done, I popped it into the microwave to thaw while I planned the rest of my attack.
 Step 2: Choose a starch - Rice. Done, I had frozen rice in the freezer that I could just reheat. Got it out and moved on to the next phase of my plan
Step 3:Choose a flavor - Buffalo Sauce. This was going to be a bit more difficult, I had buffalo sauce in the fridge, but I didn't think I could add it straight on top of the chicken, what was I going to do? Okay, think back to the polynesian skillet recipe I am trying to "follow". (remind myself, I CAN do this) Choose the celery and green pepper option (along with buffalo sauce)
Step 4: Choose a vegetable - I had a bag of frozen mixed veggies in the freezer that I was going to use as a side dish.
Step 5:Choose a liquid - Water. Could I really already be at step 5. I really AM doing this.
Step 6: Choose a sauce - Hey! this is Exactly where my Buffalo sauce comes in!
Step 7:Choose a topping - Blue Cheese. How about some little cheese crumbles, just for authenticity.

So I mixed the water and the buffalo sauce, I put it into the skillet with my chicken and put the lid on to cook. I added a bit of water to my rice and popped it into the microwave to heat. As soon as that was done, I put it into the skillet and put the veggies in the microwave.

I let it cook until the chicken was done and most of the liquid was absorbed into the rice. It turned out really well and the kids were happy with their dinner choice and bellies were full and happy. I made something that was good for them (I even used brown rice) and good for me too. My confidence in the kitchen has increased and I will be ready next time dinner plans fall apart. Remember if I can do this, so can You.