Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Create a Soup - Turkey Tortilla

Last night the weather started to turn cold. It was definately soup weather and I was facing that last of the turkey leftovers. 

I busted out my Create a Soup handout and decided I was going to make some soup using my leftover turkey. 

I gathered my ingredients according to my hand out. 

  • First - Onion to Saute'
  • Second - Vegetables ( 2-3 cups) I Chose frozen corn and a can of green chilies. 
  • Third - Protein - I was going to use the last of our leftover turkey dark meat. 
  • Fourth - Starch - I used a can of Tri-Blend mixed beans. These are my absolute  Favorite!!
  • Fifth - Broth - I choose the can of tomatoes with water added, because I like chunks of tomatoes in my tortilla soup (it makes me feel like I am eating chunky salsa)
  • Sixth - Seasons - This one was easy because I knew I wanted a southwest flavor. I used cumin, chili pepper, garlic and chilies. 

I saute'ed the onion and then just dumped everything else into the pot. It immediately smelled so good. 
My husband hopped in the shower before I started the soup and I had it simmering and making everyone hungry by the time he got out. 

We did something a little bit fun when we served it, We added a dollop of sour cream and a 1/2 chopped avocado. 

I will have to be honest with you, I am feeling extremely confident about this Creates Curriculum. The more that I use it the more I feel like I can make almost anything in my kitchen.

The other night, Joseph suggested we just go out to eat, I said, "I can have something made before we even got there and back". and I honestly believed what I said.  We made a skillet and had a delicious dinner that I was happy to feed my family, knowing they were eating something good for them and that we were spending time together in the kitchen and around the dinner table.