Saturday, December 21, 2013

My First Attempt at Kale Chips

It seems like the world Kale Chips quite a long time ago.  But kale is still really new to me and eating in chip form seemed really scary. 

One of the spotlight Veggies for the month is Winter Greens and I have discovered that I really really Love greens. I even really like Kale. 

The ingredient list is simple and the process is actually quite easy.  Take your much of kale and destem it. Wash it, and tear it into the size pieces that you are wanting. I left mine quite large. Then dry it really good. You can use a salad spinner if you have one, or just a paper towel will do a fine job. 

 Then put your clean dry kale in a bag and toss it with some olive oil.  I found this way to be much simpler than putting it in a bowl and trying to make sure all the leaves got covered.  Plus, I secretly used this opportunity to "massage" my kale and break up some of the tougher stems that still were in the leaves.
 Then I spread them out on a cookie sheet and put the whole thing into my oven that I had preheated to 300 degrees and cooked them for 20 minutes.

I'll be honest with you, these brought the kids upstairs from hibernation, they brought my husband out of the back room and everyone wanted to know what smelled so good!  It took some bravery to try them at first, especially on the kids' part. But most of them really liked them.  I didn't even have any left to save. But if you happen to have some left over to "save". You can put them in a plastic back and they will keep in the fridge for a week or two.