Thursday, December 19, 2013

Zesty Bits of Sunshine - the Orange!

Allow my nostalgia to show a little bit here, but I love the Christmas stories that talk about olden times and children getting an orange in their stocking and how sweet and rare they were.  I like to imagine pioneer children recieving this strange and wonderful fruit. How they must have savored the feel and the smell and oh how wondrous the taste must have been.  I know my inner nerd is showing a little bit, but I like to image those things as I peel into an orange at this time of year. Aren't they amazing with their zesty spray as you zip back the peel. Isn't the smell almost more than you can stand? I love sectioning mine out and spreading all the little pieces out and seeing just how many I have to enjoy.

Oranges come into season the first part of December and are at their peak until March. I like to think it is a special little gift from Mother Nature that when things are so cold and yucky outside these little fruits of sunshine are at their best.

One of my favorite things to do with oranges that is a little bit different is put them on sandwiches. I know it sounds crazy, but it is so very good.

I like this recipe found on the Food $ense spotlight Orange handout. In fact, it is where I got the idea, but you can experiment with Create a Wrap / Sandwich and make your own orange themed sandwiches.

Oranges go great in salads, make great main dishes, and don't get me started how great they are in desserts. But I think most of us enjoy them best in all their plain glory.  So don't forget to stock up on your oranges and be sure to sneak one into the toe of the Christmas stockings for all the good little boys and girls at your house too.