Thursday, July 10, 2014

Farmer's Markets and Summer Food Sites

The local news had a story yesterday about all the wonderful Farmer's Markets that are going to be accepting Snap Benefits this year - some of them for the first time. This is wonderful and allows people to be able to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and dairy from their local growers. Everybody Wins!

This article listed all the Farmer's Markets that are going to be accepting benefits. I hope there is one near you that you can take advantage of.

In other Great summer food news I wanted to share some information about the Summer Food sites. This is an amazing program that you already know I love and adore. (and couldn't survive without!)

Here is the main Utah site that lets you know where you can find a site near you.

And here are some local flyers and information from Utahns Against Hunger if this works better for you.

Some of the Summer Food sites are even serving breakfast!  What a fantastic program!