Monday, October 13, 2014

Easiest Yummiest Cornbread on the Planet

This is a recipe I have been making since forever. It whips up in about 30 seconds and is the most delicious cornbread you will ever eat. (Well, Of Course! It is at least half cake!!)


1 Yellow Cake Mix
(ingredients to make cake mix according to the directions)
1 Cup Water
1/2 Cup Oil
3 Eggs

2 Boxes Jiffy Corn Muffin mixes
(ingredients to make the muffin mixes according to their directions)
1/3 Cup Milk (2 times)
1 Egg (2 Times)

When I was first told how to make them, I was instructed to make each separately and then combine them. I don't make them that way, I just mix the whole mess up in a huge bowl. I then let the batter sit for 4-5 minutes while I spray the muffin pans. I think this makes for taller muffins. 

You will want to bake them at 375 degrees (this is splitting the difference on the temperature of the two mixes). Depending on the size of your muffins (I made regular sized ones and small bite-size ones) You will bake them from 15-20 minutes. I like them a little more browned, so they have a "crust" to them. So I leave them in for a just a few minutes longer. 

We eat them with butter and honey, but they are moist and sweet enough to eat just plain.