Friday, October 3, 2014

USDA Mixing Bowl

I really like finding new and exciting Snap-Ed resources to use and I really really like sharing those resources with all of you out there. I stumbled across this USDA Mixing Bowl - What's Cooking website a few days ago and I have been spending so much time browsing recipes and the website and getting really excited to make some new things and share them with you all. 

There is a section where you can create your own cookbook of recipes that are available on the site. That way, when you find something delicious that you really want to make, you can save the recipe to your own cookbook for later use (and because it is going to be SO Good, reuse and reuse!)

There is an area where they have listed a whole bunch of different cookbooks that are available for you to download and use. Full of kid and family friendly recipes that you can make. I absolutely love looking through cookbooks and recipes and these have some really fun ones.  Doesn't it just make you itch to get into the kitchen and create something fantastic?!

They have these really fun Food Fact Sheets that you can access. They give you tips on how to pick out the best available foods, how to store foods and how to use them. Along with spotlight recipes and things to create with a certain type of food. Pretty cool way to learn about fruits or vegetables that you might not be familiar with, but are wanting to try.