Friday, January 16, 2015

Pancakes with Eggs and Family Time

I am not a huge fan of Sunday nights. They are busy days with lots of meetings and running around to-do stuff. The whole family seems to be going places and changing in and out of church clothes. While anybody who doesn't have a meeting they have to be do sorta sits around like a big blog of slugishness. I am not of fan of Sundays.

To make life easier on me, I started a long long time ago (before Food $ense was even a twinkle in my eye) I began Sunday Night is Waffle Night.  I am not a morning person at all - and therefore my kids don't get a lot of hot breakfast meals that are fancy. *Even on the weekends! I am lucky to get them fed at all if we have 9am church. - Who Needs Gum?!?!

So I started Waffle Night.  I made them from scratch to make them extra special and we would make bacon or sausage, sometimes eggs and juice and it was a really fun tradition. As life has moved on, and families and come apart and blended back together traditions have kinda come and gone with the winds. But I have restarted Breakfast for Dinner on Sunday nights. 

It probably seems strange to have the Big Sunday meal at night (instead of right after church), but see above about meetings - I have at least two boys who have responsibilities right after church. And I just wrangled kids (mine and also Not Mine) for 3 hours - I don't feel like worrying about whether the gravy is lumpy.  So our family time is Sunday night. 

It is an excellent time to reconnect before we all head out separate ways during the week. To talk about who is working late and who needs to be where and how are they going to get there. To let them know that no matter how much we run around, there is always a safe cozy place to come home to that is filled with love and hugs and giant pancakes made just the way they like them. 

So we did this Wild and CRAZY thing where we put an Egg INSIDE the pancake! Do we know how to party - or what?  We even threw some chopped up ham in there - Part-eeee!

My husband is the king of the giant pancake, he prides himself on being able to make them just huge and flip them without blinking any eye. I make small to smaller than "normal" size pancakes. I am a clutzy flipper but I tell my kids that they are "dipping size".

We saw these on a tv about crazy diner foods and both looked at each other and said, "We are making THOSE on Sunday night!".

They were super fun and the kids thought we were pretty cool in a crazy parent sort of way. That is about the best we can hope for nowadays. But it is wonderful to be all together and laughing and connecting and know that we have this time each week to be there for each other over our version of the big Sunday Dinner.