Friday, January 23, 2015

Some Thoughts on Self-Care

I have been having a blog post bounce around in my head for a little bit about self-care. It is getting to be the end of January and most of us have given up on our giant resolutions to change the world (and ourselves). The mid-winter blahs have deeply set in and we are in the season of self flogging. Nothing says the end of January and "Hello" to February like how much you are hating yourself.

I wanted to write an amazing post about how to take care of yourself in great, healthy ways, but tonight as I sit down to write... I am feeling A LOT more like, "Just don't nuke yourself and you'll be doing alright!".

We are having a crazy week at our house. (a bit more so than usual) A small redecorating project has taken on a life of its own and is holding my entire family / household hostage!! My kitchen has been buried for 6 days now. I have my daughter's entire contents of her closet / drawers on my bedroom floor. (and since she is 2 1/2 this means that half of them have been worn for roughly 30 minutes and then discarded. I have laundry piling up, moods souring, and patience winding down. How about a little bit of self-care.  HAR HAR!!!!!

I was going to write a wonderful post that talked about instead of treating yourself with food (even "healthy" food) rewarding yourself in other ways. Like a long bath or a pedicure, Perhaps a long walk or a new download of a favorite song. But instead, I am feeling a bit more like we should talk about when things aren't going so well.....  perhaps it is best to NOT eat the entire leftover birthday cake that has been calling to me all day saying things like, "chocolate mousse and chocolate butter cream frosting Will make you feel better --- sooooo much better".  (Birthday cake is a LIAR!)

Not only is it not good for you, but eating (or drinking) things like that only make things worse. Caffeine, sugar and chemicals do not just create bad behaviors in children - Look in the mirror honey. I used to wonder why I was so completely out of control at 4:30pm most days, yes, it has to do with kids and responsibilities and all that, but I can promise you, it isn't being helped by my 4:00 coke and a snickers bar.

I developed the habit a really really long time ago, of rewarding myself with a Coke when things were going good. And then it quickly became a pick-me-up, and then a consolation. None of those choices are good ones, and to be absolutely brutally honest - None of those are choices that I want my children to be making. If it isn't a choice that I want the people that I love and take care of to be making.... Is it one that I should be making for myself. (Don't I want to love and take care of myself too?)

This has been a rough week, some of them just are. There is no way around it. Lots and lots of things in our lives happen to be out of our control. And when those crazy unforeseen things happen to us, Let us make the best of what we can by controlling the things that we Can control.

I have felt a little bit like one of my small kiddos when they are washing their hair and they rub their eyes... "AHHH I have Soap In My Eyes".... (rubs eyes with soapy hands!) - "Waah, I have Soap IN my eyes," Continuing to rub hands covering with bubbles in eyes. "Someone is Putting Soap actually INTO my Eyes!".  Goodness Gracious, I have to stop and take a deep breathe and say to myself - do not make this worse.

Give yourself the best tools to cope with the situation. Help yourself to BE your BEST self to deal with the situation. And when you come through it with flying colors.... or drag your beleaguered self across the finish line - you can start a new happy of wearing your wildest socks to celebrate.