Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Basic Baked Potato Parable of Living Life

I wish I could take a snapshot of my life right now and post it here. So that every single one of you that is struggling with something or has crap going on can know that you are not alone. I wish that I could some how capture an image of being overwhelmed and having things be out of control and knowing that you have to keep juggling all the flaming arrows that are in the air. Is there an image for that?  

Perhaps I should post a picture of the chewed up carrots that just got spit out all over under my kitchen table from a toddler who had a coughing fit in the the middle of eating a mouthful of them. That would pretty much sum it up - Chewed up carrots spit under the table. This is my life. At times, this is probably all of our lives. 

So what does this have to do with baked potatoes. - Actually nothing really. Well, maybe nothing directly (really). 

It is just that, when you are sick or overwhelmed or busy or stressed out at work. And if your kids are sick or having trouble at school (or home, or church or the neighborhood) And you husband is worried about money or his job or kids or the car that keeps breaking down....   Life still has to happen. 

Laundry still piles up and has to be washed and folded and put away - because  you can't add "smelly and dirty" to the list of things that are wrong with your life. Floors still have to be swept, and toilets still have to be scrubbed and kids still need to be driven places and life still has to be lived. 

I am trying to realize or perhaps I am trying to make myself remember that I realized that when times like this are going on - when you are really in the Thick part of life! that it really becomes even MORE important that you take care of the basics. 

Don't start reaching for that extra caffeine and sugar "pick-me-up". It will only let you down. 

Don't fuel your body with junk that is just going to add a sick stomach and cruddy health to your list of problems. 

Don't miss out on that time around the table to reconnect with the people that matter. To decompress and recharge each other during trying times. 

I love the food revolution that is going on - people eating wild and dangerous and cooking 12 course meals at home. That is really awesome, I honestly think it is. But don't be fooled that life needs to be like that. I read the most wonderful article the other day about people who ate simply actually ate the most healthy. A pan roasted chicken breast and some steamed broccoli takes less than a 1/2 hour to make and could fill up a page of information on how / why it is so good for you. 

 So what about this potato, We had it for dinner the other night. I had help washing them and poking them with a fork. I put them in the oven all by myself, but I had helping choosing toppings (no one wanted broccoli and cheese - the turds!) So we had chili and cheese and bacon and sour cream. Everyone pitched in and everyone made their own.  My parents were here helping out and taking care of us and we all sat down together at the table and talked about our days and things that were on our minds.

Dinner wasn't fancy or Gourmet. There isn't even a recipe to post on how to "make" it. It certainly didn't cost a lot and probably isn't going to make any menus for birthday dinners. But during a trying time for our family, We met some basic needs and we did it pretty darn fine. Our bellies were full, with food that is better for us, and we shared some time together.

Don't let dinner be the first thing to go when things get trying. It can make a world of difference in a lot of ways to be sure you are feeding your body and souls when you have extra demands on those same things.