Monday, March 30, 2015

Salad Your Style - Create a Salad

By now, you know we do really strange things at our house for dinner. Strange things to eat, with strange names and strange processes. I tell myself that these are going to awesome quirky memories that my kids are going to enjoy and argue with their future spouses over, hopefully they won't move out and immediate decide that "salad bar night" was really just leftovers on lettuce. Shhhhh! don't tell my secret! 

Yes, We have salad bar night, And I try and get my kids all excited about it when it appears on the menu. Some in fact, really do get excited about it.  Salads are such an amazing quick dinner / lunch and if you stay light on the dressing they can be amazing for you. There just isn't anything that you can't put on top of lettuce and have it be delicious! 

For you beginners at the crazy salad building world - you can start with the Food $ense Create a Salad instructions / guidelines. 

You can put leftover proteins such as grilled chicken, porkchops, chili, meatloaf, I really can't think of anything you can't put on a salad....... well, maybe NOT beef stew leftovers, but that would go great With a salad.

You can add fruits and vegetables, just about any kinds of cheese. and get wild and experiment with your dressing. I absolutely love to put lemon pepper on salads, some people with put just a squeeze of lemon. My kids go crazy for straight up balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Be Brave! Be Bold! with your salads...  they are the most perfect vehicle for those little bits that are left in your fridge that need to be eaten up but these isn't enough of it to really make any part of a meal. That 1/4 c of peas is going to be Perfect on a salad. That 1/2 a bbq chicken breast is going to be amazing on a salad.

Open your fridge, Empty it out.... and Chop up some lettuce. 

Dinner is going to be amazing!!