Friday, April 10, 2015

Creamy Popsicles - Pudding Pops but Way Way Better

The weather has been above 50 degrees at our house and that means just one thing.... The natives are restless for Popsicles! They dig and search in the back of the freezer looking for one that might be left behind from the summer and dropped into the very back of the freezer. If somebody finds one, the rest rush to the freezer desperately hoping for their luck to be just a chilly and sugary. If they don't find one, they turn to begging the lucky popsicle finder to please, please share the one they have.

Who knew my whole house revolves around frozen treats!

When my boys' dad comes down to visit them, he traditionally buys a box of Creamies brand treats. ( I don't think you can call them popsicles) - They is a lot of specific name "branding" in the world of frozen liquid on a stick. Kinda like pudding pops.... anyway!  My three boys think that Creamies rule the world, and when they come home, the little ones are in awe over the forbidden treat on a stick.

So when the weather got a bit warmer and the frenzy for frozen treats started, I busted out the trusty popsicle makers and decided to make something. Thing was..... I had no juice or fresh fruit, I was out of yogurt. and I LOATHE making them out of Kool-Aid. And so I attempted to make a pudding pop/ Creamie hybrid and take back my title as most awesome parent.

Pudding Pop Directions -

Make pudding (any flavor) According to Directions
then Quickly, Quickly before it starts to set.... Pour it into your molds or little paper cups and freeze.

** Remember if you are using paper cups to let them freeze for about an hour and them poke the sticks in - this bypasses the annoying and "never works" step of coating with plastic wrap **

But we were searching for Creamies... that means I needed to step up my game - I have had pudding on a stick and no matter what Bill Cosby says - it is Not really very good.

1 large box chocolate pudding
3 cups cold milk
2 cups frozen whipped topping (Cool Whip)

Make your pudding with the milk and pudding mix, then stir in the softened whipped topping.

(Use same instructions as above to freeze into pops.)

Become favorite parent again.