Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day 2015

Today is Earth Day - the most unOfficial - Official world holiday!

And while it might seem strange to be talking about Earth Day on a food / eating blog, there are lots of ways you can help out the planet ( and yourself - and your budget) by eating locally.

It is getting close to be gardening and farmer's market and local produce season! My very favorite times of the year.  There is nothing quite so wonderful as a garden fresh tomato (oh how my mouth waters!) fresh peaches, snappy green peas, and juicy fragrant watermelon. (Hurry Hurry and Grow little fruits and veggies)

There are lots of reasons to eat locally and sustainabley that have to do with things like trucks driving across the nation, but I love it so much for the two most basic of All food reasons - It tastes better, and it costs less.  (you don't get those two things to match up very often!)

Food that arrives in your super market is an average of 1 week old already! So besides being less filled with vitamins and neutrients than things that are locally grown, you also get food that has been processed to be preserved longer and treated to have a longer shelf life instead of just being fresher.

Be sure you are using your own water bottles,

Consolidate your trips to the store - so you spend less on making multiple trips and you save gas.

Saving the Earth is a great big huge job - and it can't be done by just one person - and especially not done in one day, but it works just like our eating choices and what we are learning..... one little choice, one little change made for the better can make a huge difference and eventually change your whole life - who knows.. maybe it Can change the whole world!