Friday, June 12, 2015

National Get Outdoors Day 2015

What a great tomorrow is going to be!

I hope you are doing something fun and I really hope you are going to be doing it outside. We are going to be finishing up all our yard today so that we can really enjoy tomorrow. - All the rain of April and May has us itching to really get this Summer started.

Saturday June 13 is National Get Outdoors Day.  The prime objective of the day is to get people out to experience our public lands and to get youth reconnected with the out of doors. (My grandma used to say "out of doors" - I think that is cute)

Do you want to do something sponsored? Here is a list of sites that are hosting something special.

If you aren't sure Where to go or What to do... Let's Move! has a great site that lists local parks and places to "play" and has a whole bunch of fun ideas for games and activities that you can participate it.

Here is a really cool site called KaBoom! that you just put in your zipcode and it lists parks, pools, playgrounds.. any where that you can get your play on.

Last year for GO Day 2014 - The National Forest Service waived all the fees for the day. They are doing it again! Fees are waived generally for day-use areas, such as picnic grounds, developed trail heads and destination visitor centers. A quick stop at Recreation.Gov can get you all set up and informed with what fees are being waived and places that are close to you. - Typing this has me all CRAZY ready to get outside and explore the world!

Do you need some ideas what to do when you step outside your door?

Play Outside Ideas - This are general and a good place to start.

If you are looking for ideas for little kids - or teenagers - Follow a board on Pinterest.  I almost didn't come back from that one. 

Why play outside?
• It's fun
• Develop a lifetime habit of physical activity
• Keep health and exercise a priority
• Discover new things
• Use your imagination
• Enjoy the beauty of nature
• Create lifelong memories with friends and family

Why have people stopped playing outside?
• There is a ton of cool stuff inside (video games, TV, computers, toys......).
• It's different than when we were kids. Parents had to yell for kids to come in, now
  some parents have to yell to get kids to go outside.
• We get busy with the other things we need to do, and don't make it a priority.
• The news media has scared us about being outside.
• It is up to parents to encourage and plan outdoor activities.
• Playing outside is a choice. It takes a little effort, like putting shoes on. But once

  you are outside, it's worth it.