Monday, December 7, 2015

Beef Pot Pie

I am such a giant fan of the Cook Once, Eat Twice concept. 

Although I don't mind making dinner so much anymore, most days, the less amount of time that I can spend in the kitchen, cooking and cleaning, the better. 

This dinner ended up happening in a strange sort of way, I had leftover mashed potatoes from a previous night (when I made a double batch) So I decided to throw some stew meat in the crock-pot and make some mashed potatoes with beef chunks for dinner. 

But I had to leave the house right at the exact moment that I needed to start dinner, my mom came to watch the kids - and she and my dad finished dinner. 

They did a fantastic job, but I was left with zero mashed potatoes, quite a bit of stew meat and about a gallon of gravy. Like any normal human that had the kind of night I did, I decided to put it all in the fridge and deal with it later. 

For dinner the next night, I decided to try and attempt a beef pot pie with the leftovers. It actually came together amazingly well and I am a little disappointed it was just the saving of a disaster and not an actual recipe. I know when I try and make it again it won't turn out the same and be as good. 

I added the stew meat to the gravy and then added a bag of frozen mixed veggies. I put the whole mess in a 9x13 baking dish and made a quick biscuit dough as a top pie crust. 

I got all hands-on and mixed the butter in with my fingers and I think it made all the difference in the world (somehow).  Maybe it just tasted so delicious because I was so happy to not be wasting all that food. 

Be brave in the kitchen, Create!

We are learning the skills to not be overwhelmed when faced with a situation that didn't go exactly as we had planned.