Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Hot Italian Skillet Sandwiches

When I was growing up my parents used to go to this amazing little sandwich shop called The Italian Place. They loved going there, but it closed down a while back. 

Since they loved it so much, my mom decided to start making them at home. 

We LOVE to have them at family get-togethers. And they are a good way to cater to individual tastes. Plus, it is a fun time to be in the kitchen together. 

They do take a lot of chopping, a Lot of chopping. But it is a fun thing to divide it up and spend some time together visiting and connecting. 


Hard sandwich rolls

Sliced Provolone Cheese

Sliced or Shredded Meats - Roast beef and Turkey Pastrami are always a must, we had ham as well. 


Diced Sweet Bell Peppers
Diced Tomatoes
Diced Red Onions
Scrambled Eggs
Diced Pickles
Chopped Mushrooms
Sliced Olives

(and anything else you could think of)


First butter and toast your buns. Or have your lovely bun assistant (seen here as my Daddy,) do that part of the job. 

Then you make each individual sandwich to order.  You ask what they would like as far as meat and take a slice or two of each.

Put your meat down on your hot griddle or skillet (my mom is skilled enough to cook two at a time). 

Then you add the toppings that the person wants. You pretty much have to have pickles and eggs. I know that makes it sound really strange, but sometimes it is the strangeness that makes it so darn delicious!

You don't use any condiments, the vegetables make them so juicy and drippy that you are going to need a few napkins!