Saturday, August 27, 2016

I Want it All or I Want it Now

I have been struggling the last while (OH... about 6 months or so) with some serious Food-Depression.

Eating Healthy is literally the Mount Everest of my life and I am standing at the bottom of the tallest mountain in the world and I am thinking, "I have no idea how I am going to even step onto this thing and I for sure as Heck am not going to reach the top", "even if I do get near-ish to the top, like in a helicopter drop or some giant bird carries me away, I am probably going to die from lack of Realness on the spot"

I think that this is being made worse by the fact that I still continue to feel like Eating Healthy is going to be an all or nothing lifestyle.

Back 150 years ago when I used to work in the computer world, we thought we were pretty clever telling people that there was Good, Cheap and Fast... they could pick two.

Or when I watch House Hunters on HGTV and I see some silly person and they want a 7000 sqft home, with an open floor plan for entertaining and they have a budget of 3 dollars.  I sit at home and I think, how can this person possibly think that these ridiculous expectations can be met!?!

Why is it, that in some situations, I am able to see so clearly that life falls short of our expectations most of the time.

Follow along with me here ...  I am attempting to work on my family's weekly meal plan (which I skipped doing last week, half-assed the week before.. you get it) And I have these requirements - Healthy, Cheap, Fast, Kids will eat it, Blog Interesting, Does not contain... beans, tomatoes, sugar, white flour, a recognizable onion...  And absolutely nothing fits these requirements and so I feel so much like giving up, Lots of times I do give up. And my email inbox fills up with recipes that people are using beans to make brownies and cutting avocados into ribbons and making roses out of them and seemingly they are doing it in under 15 minutes and for the cost of a nickel.  - They just prepped really well and shopped smart!

IT >>   IS >>  ALL>>  JUST  TOO MUCH!!   We're having cereal (that contains marshmallows) again

It doesn't have to be this way - not for me, and not for you either. Since I am assuming that I am not the only person doing this. One little step forward is better than no steps at all. And any movement forward is better than giving up or going backwards.

I certainly don't have the answers, I will probably keep scouring articles titled 500 Family Meals for less than 5$. and How I taught my kids to grow their own food. but of which are going to make me feel like I am doing a terrible job, but I am going to leave these thoughts here...  so that when that does happen, I can come back to this spot and realize that at least once before I have had a moment of sanity.