Monday, September 26, 2016

Moving Forward with Family Mealtime

As you know,  Food $ense, the State of Utah and Nationally it has been Family Mealtime Month.  On the Snappily Ever After facebook page and instagram accounts I have had ideas, tips and suggestions.
I hope that you have been able to see the benefits of having meals together as a family. That the efforts to make it happen are worth it in rewards not only for yourself and your spouse, but your children no matter what their ages.

If you have had a busy month with school getting started along with every sport know to man and you haven't had as many family meals together as you want - start in October. Let the changing seasons, cooler weather and natural nesting desire draw you together as a family.  Put on a pot of easy soup and gather around the table to reconnect and talk about your days.

If you missed the information that Food $ense made available, I am going to post it here. All the images will be click-able so that you can download and a print a copy.

Don't forget to download your Free copy of the Family Mealtime Cookbook

Let today be the day that you do something that is proven to benefit everyone that you love. By gathering your family around the table, you are nourishing not just their bodies, but their minds and their spirits.