Friday, February 17, 2017

Exercise Can Save You a Ton of Money

Now days, it is almost impossible to be unaware that exercise and being physically active is good for our bodies and our minds.   Your productivity, self-esteem and energy all receive a boost after you work-out. But not just those things, -- Your digestion, skin health and immune system all function better.  We all know about the huge benefit of you heart being healthier and your body becoming stronger, But Guess What?! Being active can have a huge effect on your wallet.

I recently read about a report that American Heart Association  did on a study which found significant healthcare savings for people who exercise regularly.  What? YES!

Here are the basics of the study : Adults who had cardiovascular conditions, including stroke, heart attack and arrhythmia, and who participated in regular physical activity, spent an average of $2,500 less on health care costs per year than those who were sedentary and also plagued by cardiovascular disease.

But there was no magical recipe for health success, it was exactly the same stuff we have been told all along - 30 minutes of moderate-intensity, aerobic exercise taking place five times a week.  The very best thing we do for ourselves is basically being active. No complicated routines, no required memberships, no special devices or equipment, just being active.

People without diagnosed cardiovascular concerns also benefited from staying active in the form of $500 per year saved, compared to those who didn’t exercise.

Perhaps there are people who make excuses and say that expensive gym memberships would eat into those savings quickly, but you absolutely do not need a gym membership to be active in your life. You can step out your front door and take a walk. You can find exercise videos with dancing, weights or yoga for free on you tube. You can ride your bike around the neighborhood if you have one, or take a hike on a local trail. You can do jumping jacks during the time you wait for your kettle to boil water in the morning.

Most of us find it (very) challenging to get started with a workout routine or to find something they feel complements them well. (Read: That they don't hate or dread or avoid at all costs)  Your personality will determine the kind of exercise plan that will work for you, as well as how much time you have available and resources you have. Plus sometimes our preferences for so many things in life change over time—and that can include exercise. At some point in your life you might find yourself so in love with hiking, and the next year you decide that weight lifting is what inspires you. Be flexible. Not to mention how much weather plays a role in what we are able to do.

Staying motivated is another reason that being active can be hard for us. But that is why I wanted to share this reason with you. One day, when you are feeling like that last think you want to do is work out, think about how much money you are saving and INVESTING in yourself.