Friday, April 7, 2017

Activities that Don't feel like Exercise

Sometimes when we think of being active, we imagine and gym and the weights and the tight little stretchy clothes and we in no way at all imagine ourselves. 

And while all those things are great (well, I'm gonna hold off judgement on the tight stretchy clothes) it isn't the only way to be active. 

It is great to purposefully get your body movement, to have a routine, to join a class and to set aside some time just to focus on moving your body. 

But you can get in the habit of moving your body around while you are doing other things. You can't have to never be moving. Remember, every little bit helps, it really actually does. 

When you are watching TV, who says that you just have to sit there? Put on your favorite show and get moving to it. Set up a routine of stretches or strengthening exercises.  Work on some resistance training. Guess what, when you go to the gym, they have rows and rows of TVs in front of those treadmills. When you get ready to watch your favorite show, find a way to be active doing it. 

When you are waiting in that long line at the post office, work on your posture, start at your head and notice how your body is standing, then focus on your shoulders and work your way down your body until you get to your toes. A lot of everyday aches and discomfort can come from having incorrect posture as we are sitting and standing. If you are really brave, you can shift your weight from one leg to the other and work on your balance.. You could even take line waiting to a whole new level and do some lunges. 

This isn't going to surprise anyone, but house work and yard work are a great way to be active. Plus you get the added bonus of making your house look amazing!  Sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, mowing lawns, raking and weeding can burn a lot more calories than you think and having the added benefit of being able to look around and see all that you have accomplished makes this one lots more appealing to me than working out on the treadmill. 

Going to the grocery store gets a bag wrap and most of us frown at the chore of it all. But you can get some great activity in while you are shopping for you groceries. Focus on being active while you are reaching up high or bending down to lift that heavy bag of flower. Push your cart at a quick pace and be sure you are watching your posture as you are walking.  You didn't realize how good for you this trip was going to be.  Plus -- it is a little bit harder to buy junk food when you are right in the middle of your workout!

Some of these might seem kind of silly, and perhaps you are thinking, there is no way that dancing in my kitchen while the microwave runs for 2 minutes is going to do me any good at all. But it will, getting your body moving at any time is better that keeping it still.  and your mindset will change. You'll feed good getting moving and it will become easier to stay moving. It will just became a way of life and soon you'll be wondering how you were ever able to hold so still.