Friday, May 12, 2017

5 Things That Are Making Me Really Happy

I just love May.  My Daughter's birthday is on the 28th of April and we just start partying then.  It is then my birthday, my sweet sister's birthday, our beloved grandma's birthday and then mother's day. 

I am really happy, I want to share with you a few reasons why. Maybe they will be something you'll want to put into your lives, maybe the will spark some happiness in you, or maybe they will give you a laugh about the things that make me happy. 

1. The Spring Weather: I live in Northern Utah and our spring weather can be described as chaotic, at best. In March, we had a week of 75 degree temps and We had snow on the 28th of April and they closed some of the canyon roads because of avalanche danger. - But now, The spring we all know and love begins. I can be outside without sweating in the 100 degree heat and getting a sunburn from the altitude. May has the best weather in all of Utah, which I will firmly defend until October, which also has the best weather in Utah. 

2. The 1 Minute Rule: I used to spend a lot of time, stepping over things, wiping around piles and grumping about things that would have taken me less than a minute to change. If you want to read a detailed explanation all about it, you can go HERE.  But basically, if it would take you less than 1 minute to do, then do it now. It has me checking things off my list, walking across my kitchen floor without grumbling about socks left there and living in a MUCH MUCH neater home. Making me a much happier person.

3. Spending 15 Minutes with Each of My Teens: I really like my teenage boys, they are funny and smart and I like hanging out with them. But I am seeing less and less of them as they get jobs, have more school activities and develop into adults with their own lives. So I have committed to spending 15 minutes each day with them one-on-one.  I'll pick up Jett from rehersal with no little kids in the car, so we can talk all the way home without interruption. I'll stop what I am doing for "me time" when Lex gets home instead of having him just poke his head in the door and say, "I'm home".  I feel like connections that I felt like I was losing are becoming stronger, and that is making me very happy. 

4. Meal Planning: I got out of the habit of doing this for a while and even though I knew exactly why - the money I spend on groceries increased, the quality of the food we were eating went down, my stress levels went way way up and I was unhappy.  I find dinner VERY overwhelming and Meal Planning lets me get a handle on it more than anything else. If you want to know the basics, you can check in with Food Sense here and they can tell you all about it.  I have written all sorts of things about it on the blog - if you go to the sidebar and find the "search blog" box, you can read all sorts of ideas, tip, tricks and hear stories about how it works (and fails) in our family. Starting this habit again has made the hugest change in my nightly happiness and dinner being a pleasant experience for all involved. 

5. I Have Started Having a Create Day: Thursday is my laundry day. My kids have a pretty quiet day on the Thursdays and that means I spend a lot less time in the car. So I do ALL my laundry on Thursday, I start early in the AM and keep it humming until evening, I dump it all on the bed, and fold while I watch a movie and then have the kids put it away. - But while the machines are running I spend time just creating things I love. Some days I paint and draw, some days I craft, some days I knit or explore something that I have been curious about trying. This day feeds my soul and I don't have to give up a day of being productive to have it. I look forward to laundry day all week. It makes me really happy.