Friday, May 19, 2017

8 Reasons Why You Should Go on a Walk Right Now

Walking can do wonders. Walking is almost always accessible, it doesn't cost anything to do, there isn't even a specific time you can and can't do it. You can do it alone or with a friend, you can take the whole family or just the family pet.  Here are some reasons that you might not know yet, why you should go on a walk right now. 

1. Walking Just Make You Happier - According to a study done by researchers at Duke University, being active outdoors was proven to boost your mood. They recommend at least 30 minutes - three times a week for happiest results, but I know I have felt the effects of walking outside on my mood, and I often recommend it to my kids, "just take a walk" 

2. Walking Reduces Stress - Anytime your body is active and moving it increases the flow of the hormone cortisol through your body. This helps your whole body manage stress better, not just your brain. 

3. Walking Gives Your Brain a Rest - Or in other words, walking can clear your mind. This is especially true if you can find a place to walk that is more natural than an urban area - like a park or a hiking trail or perhaps a rural road. You don't have to be a vigilant and you can just enjoy the scenery and let your mind turn "off" for a bit. 

4. Walking Makes You More Creative - this reason goes hand in hand with letting your brain take a rest. When you let your brain take a break and it doesn't have so many worries or thoughts racing around you are open for creative thoughts, for new ideas and solutions to problems that you may not have thought of before. 

5. Walking Improves Concentration - A study was done on children who walk to school and adults who walk to work and it was found that both felt like they were better able to concentrate. While that is medically official. It stands to reason that all that fresh air, movement and brain resting can get you ready to focus use your brain better when it comes time. 

6. Walking Makes Your Bones Stronger - Any type of movement is great for your body, but exercise that you can sustain long term and do regularly will benefit your overall health the most long term. This means stronger bones, a stronger heart and less risk of chronic diseases. Start now and keep it up for the best results to your overall short term AND long term health. 

7. Walking is FREE - You don't even need a special kind of shoes to start walking, just head out your door and you've already begun. 

8. Walking Builds Relationships - This can be with the person that you are walking with, the people that you meet in your neighborhood or community or even people that you meet on the trail. I know that walking for Joseph and I just enables us to connect with each other without the business of our home around us. Even when we take the kids, they run up ahead or fall asleep in the wagon and it ends up being just the two of us talking.  When I walk with my teenage son, being able to just walk and talk side by side means we can talk about complex issues that are more awkward to talk about when you are looking at each other. Taking that time to walk with a child can help connect them to the world around them  -- and even just walking alone, you can connect with yourself, with that place in you that a lot of times get drowned out by the noisy world around us all. 

So many reasons, all pretty good ones too,  How about we both get off our screens and go take a walk.