Wednesday, August 2, 2017

10 Healthy Tips Almost Everyone Can Agree On

Can you believe that I just typed "Everyone Can Agree On" and "Healthy" in the same blog title. 

I actually can't think of too many things that more people seem to disagree on (and feel really strongly about) than food and nutrition. 

There is so much confusing information out there, so many studies, big ones and small ones, and most of them seem to completely disagree with each other. 

So what are you suppose to believe, even people with the very best intentions to make healthy lifestyle changes can hardly know where to turn with arguments coming from all sides. 

Nothing is true 100% of the time. - and nothing is perfect for every single body, body type, situation and budget, But these tips are pretty accurate most of the time, for most body types, most situations and most budgets. 

Mostly, the Most. 

* Start Your Day With Breakfast
Eating is much better for you than not eating. It's that simple. 

 * Eat Less Fast Food
The portions, the fat, the salt, the chemicals, the eating on the run. Nobody could argue it was good for us - we should do it less. 

* Eat Real Food
This one is a compromise for almost all of us. Yes! you can grow every single thing you put into your mouth yourself, but most of us don't do that. Buy things that are as "real" as you can get and read your labels. And then make the decision for yourself and your family, "what is the best choice that I can make here" - do that, and you'll be doing just fine. 

* Listen To Your Body
We all start out as babies, eating when we are hungry and stopping when we are full. Along the way, we get really confused about when, why and how much we are eating. Get back to listening to your body. Learn to read your own cues, are you thirsty and not hungry, are you bored, are you eating because you just need something to do with your hands? Listen to your body tell you what it needs. You'll be surprised at how smart you already are. 

* Eat More Vegetables
This one is about as 100% as we are going to get. There isn't anyone that doesn't think you should be eating your veggies - Including your mom!  Follow this pattern : Fresh, Frozen, Canned - any veggies are better than no veggies. 

* Drink Water
There isn't a single thing that is better for you to hydrate with than water. Sports Drinks, soda companies, energy drink makers - they're all trying to sell you something that you don't need. Your body needs water, it doesn't "need" any of those other things. 

* Don't Skip Meals
There are a lot of different reasons behind this one, Metabolism effects, binge eating later, being hungry messes with your brain .. and on and on.  But it all boils down to the fact that our bodies need fuel to run. Fuel your body the best way that you can - and you'll be just fine. 

* Snack If You Need To 
This could be a whole argument all on its own, but it just comes down to the truth that eating healthy food is better than not eating.  Joseph gets to work early in the morning, so he has breakfast before 7am, that makes him hungry for lunch around at 11 (and really hungry by 12) - he gets the 3:00 slump and isn't home from work until 6:30 - From 11:00 to 6:30 is a really long time if you are Hungry.  Kids who come home from school are in exactly the same situation, eating something healthy is always always better than not eating at all. 

* Avoid Soda
Sugar, I don't think I need to say more. 

* It is Okay Not to Eat Perfectly
Being healthy is a journey, it is a process and it changes as much year to year as it does daily. Every single body, and every lifestyle and every situation have different needs.  Maybe you are a man who works long hours at a very physically demanding job, perhaps you are a mom with young kids and running on no sleep, hormones, activity levels, budgets and time - they all have an effect on what we can and do put in our bodies. 

Don't beat yourself up because you aren't Perfect - perfect according to who, to what standards, in what situation. Make the very best decision that you can in that moment and keep on making that best decision in that moment that you can. 

Those best decisions still aren't going to add up to a perfect way to eat, because that doesn't exist (and people who are telling you it does aren't being truthful) so be kind to yourself, you are here and that means you want to be healthier and choice by choice you'll be moving in that direction.