Tuesday, November 19, 2013

African Bean Soup

Last night for dinner we made a soup that is on the new Create a Soup handout

The Creates curriculum is all about helping us to become confident and knowledgeable in the kitchen, with or without a recipe.  It is about cooking basics from the beginning and building confidence as we go. 

This African Bean Soup is a real treat, the taste and textures are surprising and very delicious. It is super duper easy (and fast) to make and the recipe happens to also be vegetarian. 

You start with a little water, onion and soy sauce in your pan and you saute your onions until they are soft. I'll be honest, I have never sauteed without using a fat so this was a new trick for me, but it worked out perfectly
 (I guess these Food $ense People do know what they are talking about )

The carrots and celery I cooked to al dente because I don't like them mushy, the sweet potatoes were soft and the brown rice was plump and popped in your mouth. This soup was a dish that I felt like I had become some kind of kitchen gourmet chef - and was successful at it! 

I highly recommend this one to all of you. It is easy and fantastic and you'll be impressed with your own skills after you make it.