Monday, November 18, 2013

Date Night at Home

We had a kid-free weekend this past few days. It was luxurious. We slept through the night, no one got up at 6:00am and we got to spend the weekend having some newlywed time. It was thoroughly enjoyable.

I took some of my own advice on Friday night and we cooked at home for each other. It wasn't anything extravagant, we had soup with a salad, bread and some really good cheese, but it was fun puttering around in the kitchen, talking with each other and spending some time reconnecting with each other. It really was more fun staying home and cooking something for each other than it was going out to eat.

Here is the recipe we followed for the soup we ate. It was absolutely delicious and very easy. It will probably be something we make in the future again because I can stock dried tortellini in the pantry with cans of tomatoes and frozen spinach in the freezer. The prep-time was super fast and it was comfort food to perfection.

I don't know if date night will always turn into a stay-at-home night. It is harder to get rid of all the kids than it is to find someone to come and watch the kids, but it was a really special night staying home and taking the best care of each other.