Monday, November 4, 2013

How to Eat a Pomegranate

 Pomegranates are in season in the fall and so that is when they are the most flavorful and cost conscious to buy. I love them, but growing up we didn't know how to cut them very well and so we ending up getting messy and staining everything within out fingers' reach.  Perhaps that was part of the tempting rarity of the treat of pomegranates, but now that I am a mom and in charge of my own kitchen (and I love these fruit) we are going to do it the less-mess way.

 You just need to cut off the top, score down the sides, peel apart the chambers and pop out of the seeds!  EASY!
Here are the two best explanations that I have found. One for you instructional learners and one for you visual learners.  Once I watched the video, I was blown away and have been following his instructions ever since.

You can them use the seeds in salads, wraps, on top of cottage cheese - They are delicate and tart with a great little crunch.  I usually just end up eating them plain and enjoying my cleverness at freeing these delicious little seeds.