Thursday, February 27, 2014

Create a.. Skillet Meal Southwest Style

I don't exactly understand why, but one of the hardest meals for me to Create myself is a skillet meal.  It isn't that I don't have the instructions in front of me, or that I don't understand the concept of it. I just don't understand how to put it all together and have it turn out to be something that I want to eat. (and that my family wants to eat)

I started with getting out a few of the ingredients that I knew I wanted to use. I figured that I would start to build around these. 

Step 1 - Choose a protein.  I choose ground beef,  It could have been enough that I using beans, but I decided to use them both.  So I browned my ground beef in the skillet.

Step 2 - Choose a starch.  I cooked some elbow macaroni and set that aside. 

Step 3 - Choose a flavor. I seasoned the meat with a little salt and pepper. I considered using an onion, but since the meat was already cooked, decided I was fine leaving it out. 

Step 4 - Choose your vegetables. I already had done that, I added my corn and my can of tomatoes and chilies.

Step 5 - Choose one liquid (as needed ) 
Step 6 - Choose a sauce. I treated these as one step since I didn't drain my tomatoes and chilis. I didn't add anything else and it turned out just fine.

Step 7 - Choose a topping. We added some shredded cheese on tops of ours because the kids like it better that way.  It was spicy enough that it would have been really good with sour cream too. 

Although it wasn't a super amazing dinner, all the kids ate it (except one - who chose to go to bed instead). So I guess I can consider it a mild success. 

Skillet meals really aren't as hard as they seem to me, I should set a goal for myself to make one at least once a week until I start to feel really comfortable making them.