Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Break Week

This week is Spring Break week here at our house. I don't know who is going to end up going completely crazy first, but it is going to be a close race. Hopefully the kids will have "died from boredom" before I will have completely lost my mind. 

We are a little bit at a loss for things to do more than usual since the kids involuntarily gave up all their video games. We have been a video game free family for almost a month now. It isn't so bad during the week with school and commitments and we have been able to keep busy on the weekends with spring yard work and nice weather, but this spring break week is going to be a real test of our ability to stand each other. 

It is hard being in close quarters with kids that just want to be entertained. My idea for "something to do" this week was spring clean the house. That was met with resounding disapproval. I am sure we will get some house cleaning done, but it surely isn't enough to fill their time. Plus, who wants to spend their spring break that way, I know that I especially don't. Fighting with kids over cleaning the house doesn't sound like much of an idea of fun to me. 

We have a little bit of a difficult time finding something that fits everyone's fun level because we range in kids from 15 - 2 years old. What fits the needs of our 5 year old does not fit the needs of our 15 year old for entertainment. I have been wondering if I have kids that don't know how to entertain themselves. Because they are always Being entertained by something or someone. 

So that is my goal for this week, to help my kids know How to entertain themselves and that they Can entertain themselves. We are going to start with some baby steps of what are somethings we can do to solve this problem when you are faced with not knowing what to do with yourselves. Thankfully there are a ton of internet resources that are super helpful for me as a parent in how to teach this to kids.