Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Create an Omelet - Mexican Style

We did something a little special for breakfast this morning. At least it seemed "special" to me. I have never made an omelet before. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. We are going to be having these a lot more often around here. 

Omelets are easy to make and there is no end to the ways that you can get creative with them. Let your kids pick and choose what they want in theirs or make everyone's the same it is completely up to you. 

I think the only tricky thing about making an omelet is that you have to have all your ingredients ready to go before you start cooking. Once the eggs hit the pan it is going to go pretty fast and you won't have time to start chopping veggies or get the cheese out of the fridge. So get all the yummy ingredients ready before you start cooking. If you want to pre-cook things like bacon, onion, mushrooms, or other meats now is the time to do it.

Crack your eggs into a small bowl and add 1 TB of water, this will help to make your eggs nice and fluffy. Whisk the egg / water mixture vigorously in incorporate as much air into the eggs as possible. Now is also the time when you want to add your salt, pepper and any herbs or seasonings. We added our green onions here. 

Heat your non-stick skillet over medium-high heat until a drop of water sizzles, but doesn't evaporate immediately. Then spray your pan with cooking spray. Add the eggs. Gently tilt your pan around so the eggs can spread out to the edges of the pan. 

Let the eggs begin to set and then start pulling the edges into the center of the pan and letting the uncooked eggs run out to the edges of the pan.  (This part will feel like a mess and you will worry that your omelet is going to really turn into scrambled eggs - Take Heart - You are doing amazing!) 

Once the eggs on the outer edges of the pan start to become cooked and the center begins to set add your toppings down the center of your omelet.  You don't want to fill it too full, even though you have decided on lots of delicious toppings. We add two slices of avocado, some black beans, cheese, and decided top it with salsa when we were done cooking it. 

Once you have your toppings down the center of your omelet just fold in each side (into thirds). And that is all there is too it! 

 You can top your omelet with anything you want. Salsa was what we choose, but I have heard of ketchup and BBQ sauce also being popular choices. (Really I have). You can also use at a topping or garnish some of the ingredients that you put into your omelet, say if you used come cilantro or parsley. 

 The ideas are almost infinite, but here are some suggestions from Food $ense Creates that you might want to try.

Ranch Style Omelet Filling
• Cherry tomatoes, cut in half
• Sliced mushrooms
• Diced red onion
• Fresh parsley
• Cheddar cheese
• Fat-free ranch dressing

Greek Style Omelet Filling
• Sliced mushrooms
• Sliced green onions
• Diced tomato
• Sliced olives
• Feta cheese

Garden Style Omelet Filling
• Sliced mushrooms
• Sliced yellow summer squash
• Sliced zucchini
• Diced red pepper
• Diced onion
• Parmesan cheese
• Basil and garlic powder (added to eggs