Friday, May 2, 2014

May Day and Farmer's Markets

Here we are in the beautiful month of May. We put up with all those April showers (and snowfall) and we are ready for some May flowers. (and fresh salad greens, and radishes, and peas!) 

May is jumping on me this weekend like I spent the entire month of April doing nothing. This weekend, I have things that I "have" to be doing back to back and end to end all day long. There are even three separate things that my husband and I are having to split up and get the kids to separately just in order to actually get them there.  It is going to be a crazy weekend. 

I think about weekends (and weekdays too) like this and I wonder if you are like me and the last thing on your mind and on your list ends up being taking care of yourself and feeding your family nutritious food. (That after-soccer snack can count as lunch? Right?)  But in order to keep ourselves working at our best and to keep our family members at their happiest and healthiest we need to be eating the best food we can give ourselves. 

Luckily with the weather turning nice and things starting to grow the farmer's markets, local road side stands, and large growers' markets will soon be opening for business.  I have gathered some information on how to help you find those local stands near you, if you don't know where to start. 

USDA Website - This is the USDA National Marketing Service. You just put in your zip code and you can find out what payment methods are accepted, what products and services are offered and the hours and days it will be open. 

PBS Food - They not only have a searchable map, but they list the other national and local searches that you can do yourself to find a market. 

Local Harvest - This is a website that not only lets you search the local markets, but also posts reviews of them and has specialty markets - like honey growers - listed. 

Utah Local
This is a photo from last year's Food $ense Farmer's Market Cookbook. It has not only listed the major farmer's markets in the state, but tell you if they accept EBT cards and have a Food $ense booth for demonstrations and helpful knowledge (Plus Samples YUM!) 

Salt Lake Tribune -  This is an extensive list that was printed last spring, but the list includes not just large farmer's markets, but farm stands and road side markets as well.  It is a great list to help those of us who don't live in a large populated area.

Utah's Own - This website had a searchable map as well as information for what to expect in season and links to co-ops and county extension agents.

Edible Wasatch - This website is searchable by region, so even if you aren't close to home, you could perhaps visit a market that is new to you.

Don't forget what a great resource the Food $ense website can be to you, as well as your local county website.