Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sesame Asparagus - Seasonal Eating

It is a rainy day today and feels cool and much more like April than May. But in spite of the weather and what it feels like today, we are still halfway through this wonderful season of Spring.  As a child Summer was my favorite season, ( I think it is most children's favorite) but as an adult I really appreciate Spring. 

I was reading an article the other day on seasonal eating and all the wonderful veggies that come available to us in the Spring season. Seasonal eating is not only really good for you because you are eating food at it's freshest, but it is also really good for your budget because the prices go down due to local availability and supply. 

Food $ense is a big supporter of  not just seasonal eating, but local food as well. The other day when I was at the store, they had some really great looking asparagus. I picked it up because I just love the stuff. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it yet, but I figured I would come home and research some ideas to see if I could find something fun and new to do with it.  

Asparagus has been traditionally served in fine dining restaurants with hollandaise sauce.  I think hollandaise sauce is really hard to make, but this easy hollandaise sauce recipe from Martha Stewart had me wondering if I might just attempt it at home. Eventually I decided it sounded a little bit too heavy for my mood. 

The next recipe that I was considering was a creamy mustard sauce. Doesn't that sound good? But the more I read, the less I was in the mood for it. The asparagus was served cold and although it might be refreshing in the warmer summer months, I wasn't feeling it for what I wanted to make. 

I ended up decided on this Sesame Asparagus recipe. I absolutely love roasted asparagus and the sesame seemed like a nice new twist. 

I chopped them up and put the pieces into a baggie with some oil, salt & pepper and tossed them to make sure they were each coated.  Pretty simple roasting techniques. Then I sprinkled some sesame seeds on them and popped them into the oven. That was IT! 

I served them as a side vegetable with roasted chicken and mashed potatoes. It was a simple dinner, but simple can be very delicious. Every enjoyed it and bellies were filled. 

Here are some more ideas from Fruit and Veggies More Matter if you are still looking for some fun new things to do with this great spring vegetable.