Saturday, July 12, 2014

Salad on a Stick - Kebabs

If you are looking for a fun and easy way to serve salad this summer to your family. I have a Great idea for you! Put your salad on a stick. This makes portability for summer events and BBQs super easy and let's be honest, eating food on a stick is super fun and kids and adults alike will love it. 

You could use any salad ingredients you choose - fruits, veggies and meats. I happened to have the things to make a "Chef's Salad". But grilled chicken would work really nice with this, as well as chopped apples or some homemade croutons. 

 I gathered everything out of my fridge and chopped the things that needed to be in smaller sizes. Like the ham and cheese, as well as the cucumber and eggs. I left the mushrooms and tomatoes whole because I liked the size of the mushrooms and the tomatoes were just the small grape ones. (if you are using a big slicing tomato or a roma tomato - you may want to cut yours smaller)

Once you are at this point, just poke the salad onto a skewer. We were having this for lunch as a family, so I let everyone assemble their own. If you have a kid or two that would put just ham and cheese and no veggies on their kebab, you may want to make theirs for them. But my kids are pretty well trained about the "salad rules".

This is a great way to introduce veggies that might be new or unfamiliar to your family, in a way that they don't feel "forced" to eat them. Slice up a bell pepper, or offer a few different types of lettuce. 

But be sure to include some of their favorites too. That will lend a familiarity to the dish and let everyone feel comfortable choosing things they know they like - so they can be brave enough to choose something that they might not be sure if they like, but they are curious about.