Monday, December 22, 2014

Asian Pear - Eating in Season

Today I am going to share with you my absolutely most favorite fruit of all time. Like in the whole wide - wide world favorite of all time. The Asian Pear. 

Sadly, to buy these when they aren't in season is nearly impossible. They are so wildly expensive and I just can't afford them. So when the fall / winter months roll around and they start to not only appear more in the grocery store, but the prices drop and the flavor goes way WaY up.... I am buying them like crazy. 

 When you are purchasing Asian pears, select pears that have the same firmness as ripe apples, and have even coloring of the skin without blemishes.

Wash the Asian pear thoroughly. If you intend to simply eat the pear, take a big bite, just as you would with an apple. No further preparation is necessary unless the pear is being cooked.

Prepare the pear according to the recipe instructions if you intend to cook the pear. This may include dicing it, slicing it, or peeling off the skin prior to cooking or baking. It is possible to substitute Asian pears into any recipe calling for traditional pears, as well as many apple-based recipes.

I like to eat them best in salads instead of apples. They have a grainy texture like a pear and are crispy and juicy like an apple. They are absolutely divine!  The flavor is mild and lends itself to lots of uses and accenting lots of flavors. Dice one up and add it to your oatmeal in the morning. Slice one thinly and put it on your sandwich for lunch or toss some cubes with your lettuce for added crunch and texture in a salad. 

I have never baked with them before, (because I just love eating them too much and I don't get them enough to experiment with them). 

But you can bake them like and apple or poach them like a pear.  They pair beautifully with beets and kale and other fall / winter produce.