Friday, December 26, 2014

School's Out Snacks! For Preschoolers and Big Kids

So the kids have almost been out of school for a week. How are you doing? Still surviving? Plus you made it through a Major Holiday, pat yourself on the back - you did amazing!! 
Now all that is left is to keep them happy and alive for the next week until you send them back to school. Sounds easy, right? I am going to help make it easier for you. I mean, happy and alive at our house means one thing... keep those bellies Full!  We have a name for that time when bellies are growling and tempers get short - it is the HANGRY time. And nobody wants that time to catch them unawares.  I am here to help you today with snacks that your kids can get and make themselves to keep them from reaching that critic stage of Hangry, where no parent or pet or smaller sibling is safe. 

#1 - Get a fruit bowl or a basket, Get something, Anything.... and fill it with fruit! Kids will reach for what they see, Show them fruit. My two 1/2 year old can peel a clementine by herself. My 6 year old can use an apple slicer by himself (But who needs to slice an apple) - a monkey can peel a banana (for those of you with Monkeys are children)

#2 - Popcorn - after all, it IS a whole grain.

#3 - Yogurt Parfait - Open yogurt, add granola, sprinkle fruit. It is practically a dessert and a really fancy one. The school got my kids hooked on these, they were amazed that they could make them at home.

#4- Melt Cheese - on Toast, on a Tortilla, on an English Muffin.

#5 - Top Toast - With Peanut Butter, Cinnamon, Cheese, Cream Cheese and Jam, with Avocado.

#6 - Get Dippy - Who says your favorite dips can't be Real Food? Hummus, Applesauce, Salsa, Guacamole, Greek Yogurt - these all make fantastic dips for veggies, fruits and crackers.

#7 - Leftovers! - I let my kids have free reign over the leftovers. - First come / First served!