Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Chicken Stir Fry - Create a Stir Fry

I am really using stir-fry as my go-to quick meal this summer.  I can go from a completely cold (frozen) start to dinner on the table with in 40 minutes. It would be a lot, a LOT faster if I didn't have to defrost the chicken. 

Food $ense makes an amazing blue-print for Stir Fry in their Creates lessons. 

I defrost the chicken in the microwave and then slice it into strips really really thin - so they'll cook faster.  I season then with salt / pepper and a bit of Asian seasoning (garlic, ginger, sesame seeds)

Put little bit of olive oil in a hot pan and cook up that chicken. - When it is done, remove it all to a plate. 

In the same hot pan, put all your veggies - this is the left overs from a veggie tray that we served a few days before. I kept getting them out at each meal to give to the kids until there actually weren't enough of each kind to even bother putting out - but that makes them perfect for one dish!

The veggies will flavor up with a little bit of the seasonings left from cooking your chicken. And in this particular stir-fry, I made a sauce.... out of 1/2 and 1/2 store bought bbq sauce & soy sauce. (WHAT?!?)

Keep an eye on your veggies, the thing that makes stir fry so awesome - that is is Quick! Can also be your down-fall (nobody like mushy veggies). Keep them moving and keep your eye on them.

When they reach your desired tenderness, Add the chicken back in and toss it together.  You can eat it just the way that it is, or serve in on top of rice like we did.