Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Lasagna with Dino Kale - Create a Casserole

Okay, this isn't really a lasagna recipe, but we talked about that a few weeks ago and you know that I don't make lasagna - and with this new recipe for baked spaghetti - will never cook it again. 

But I was making this lasagna-sketti and had a brilliant idea spring into my mind to add the dino kale that we got in our CSA Box. 

I am still easing my way into falling in love with kale. And by "easing my way" I mean that I keep trying and trying but I haven't found a way that I really like it yet - we are still on a " I know you are good for me and everyone else seems to love you, but I just don't see it" stage in our relationship. 

So I was in the kitchen - preparing dinner and I saw the dino kale in my crisper and this is the exact though process, I swear..  

I wonder if I could put that in my lasagna (spaghetti) like spinach. 
People put spinach in lasagna all the time
and I don't really like spinach in lasagna because it gets to watery
Hey! I bet the kale wouldn't do that!! 
I am absolutely adding this kale to the lasagna. 

I made it just like the recipe that I posted here but with the exception of adding a layer of diced kale and sliced olives on top of the meat / sauce layer.

It turned out amazing! The kale stayed firm and didn't get slimy and limp like sometimes vegetables tend to do -- I am looking at You zucchini! It was phenomenal! It was honestly so much better with the kale added to it, that I don't know if I will make it again without it.

And the other big shocker was that my kids went crazy for it. They just kept saying, "do we have any more of that vegetable lasagna left"  I wasn't going to say the big scary Kale world.

Don't be scared to make scary substitutions - don't be afraid to make bold choices on your own.