Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Raspberries and Cream - Create a Fruity Dessert

Berries are cream have got to be one of the most delicious foods in the whole wide world. There is something about the berries at the peak of the season ready to just burst with flavor topped with sweet cream - Oh good golly!!  I don't think that food was meant to be any better than this. 

I don't stess too much about saturated fight and high calories when I am eating this. The berries are only this good for such a short time each year. (Plus I rarely get an entire bowl to myself around here)

But if you are concerned about those things... and A lot of you are, here is a really amazing substitute. 

And don't say "non-dairy whipped topping"  - I don't even think that is really food!

With a hand-held electric beater, a stick blender or a stand mixer, you can whip 1 percent milk to mimic the fluffy topping heavy whipping cream produces. This is a common topping for espresso. A milk frother -- a specialty tool used in the preparation of espresso -- makes whipping the milk easier. The topping will be slightly bubbly and not as thick as heavy whipping cream, but it has just 102 calories per fluid cup, which yields about 2 cups when whipped. Each 2-tablespoon dollop has just 6 calories. If the milk does not froth, microwave it until it boils and carefully try to whip it again. Adding a touch of stevia makes the whipped milk sweet, mimicking the flavor of whipped cream dessert topping, without increasing the calorie content. Make only as much as you need, since the whipped milk will not stay fluffy for more than 30 minutes. Some of the milk might still be liquid, so spoon the topping onto your food or drink, rather than pouring it.