Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Drying Herbs in the Microwave

We are swimming in Basil right now. We have been getting it in the CSA box, the neighbors are sharing it, co-workers are bringing it to work. We are even growing any ourselves and we are being over-run with it.  -- This is not a bad thing! --

But even though I am putting it in everything that I can think of, we just aren't using enough of it to keep up with the supply. So I decided to attempt to dry it. It is so impossibly easy to dry in the microwave.

Go ahead and give your herbs a good wash - then dry them in a salad spinner or with a paper towel. 

Spread a layer of paper towels 2 towels think onto a microwave safe plate. Then lay out your herbs in a single layer.

Top your herbs with another layer (just 1) of paper towel. 

Put them in your microwave and heat them for 30 seconds. Then check on them....  You'll want to only heat them in 10 second increments after your first round. They will be completely dry when they crumble up easily.

Just crumble them up into a jar or container and save for later use. Fresh herbs are wonderful when they are available, but out of season they are harder to acquire and can be very expensive. - This is absolutely the next best thing.

 Just a quick couple of thoughts -

All microwaves very in wattage / power, so keep an eye on yours.

Do not use recycled paper towels - they have bits of metal in them that can cause them to spark.

Also, See the first one - do Not leave things unattended in your microwave.