Monday, September 28, 2015

Garlic Green Beans

My sister makes these incredible green beans. They are so good - when we plan a get together and start assigning menu items for each family to bring, we always just tell her that she is going to bring green beans - we don't even ask. 

We have been getting a lot of green beans from our CSA basket. It has been really fun, because I like to eat them just blanched a tiny bit with carrot sticks and celery on a vegetable tray. They are so crisp and yummy and kind of a surprise on a normal veggie tray. 

My Alice just eats them plain old raw. I prefer to blanch mine, just to take that raw edge off the flavor, but she could eat them all day long that way.  In fact, I have moved them from the crisper drawer to the bottom shelf on the door of the fridge. She was getting in to grab herself a few beans quite often and then she wouldn't shut the crisper drawer and so the fridge door wouldn't shut... and then... I'm attempting to refrigerate the entire house with my Maytag. 

With getting them so often, we ended up with quite a few more than just Alice and I were going to be able to eat by ourselves. So I called my sister and asked for her famous green bean recipe. 

When I called her, she giggled and say, "it is so easy" - and I thought, well of course it is easy for you - you make them All the time.  

But actually they really Are that easy. 

All you will need it a little of olive oil, some minced garlic and green beans. 

You'll want to heat some olive oil in a pan - not very much. Just enough to give your garlic something to be spread around in. 

Then you want to add a really good helping of garlic. For a quart sized ziploc bag of green beans, I used a TB of olive oil and 2 TB of minced garlic. 

You'll want to bring the oil and garlic up to a medium heat and then cook the garlic - you are actually going to want to cook it. Because when you cook garlic it gets really soft and sweet and very very mild.  (think caramelized onions).  Once you have your garlic all nice and cooked and sweet - it will smell Amazing!  You'll want to add your green beans that you steamed to al dente ahead of time.  I just put the ziploc bag in the microwave for a few minutes. 

I put the steamed green beans in the saute pan with the garlic and toss them around to get them all nice and coated and then serve them. 

They are so amazing! If you make them, you'll be just start being assigned to make them at all your family gatherings.