Friday, November 27, 2015

Corn Dog Muffins

Oh my goodness, these were such a disaster. It was a ridiculous experiment and I said to myself quite a few times along the process - this is probably a bad idea, but against better sense, I just kept moving forward. 

I'm not posting about it because it was a success, or because I will make it again and correct all my mistakes and become a genius at corn dog muffins. But to share with you that having a kitchen fail, isn't the end of the world - It isn't really even the end of the day. 

I just made some cornbread muffins from a box mix. I put some cut up hot dogs into the muffins before I cooked them. 

The muffins stuck in the pan, the cornbread was terribly dry to eat, and they were so crumbly and all the corn-part fell off every single bit of hot dog. 

The kids powered though them like champs, They couldn't get them to hold together to dip them in ketchup and fry sauce, They couldn't get them to stay on the forks. It has us all giggling and laughing so hard! 

The recipe that I made didn't turn out, but family dinner was a success. We gathered at the table together and we enjoyed each other's companies. The kids were able to see that having something not turn out the way you planned doesn't mean that you order pizza and give up. 

Changing lifestyles into healthy ones doesn't always mean that things are easy and awesome and work out all the time. But it means that we just keep on trying, one fail (or two or three) doesn't mean we give up. It doesn't even need to mean that we consider it a fail.  I probably won't be winning any bake-offs with my corn dog muffins, I don't even know if I will make them again. But I will keep feeding my family and sitting down at the table with them and loving them and helping them to take the best care of themselves.