Monday, March 7, 2016

Banana Brownies

There will come a time into most of our lives where you need some chocolate. These times come into my life quite a bit - so I like to be prepared. At those times, I like to know that I am roughly 45-60 minutes away from having a hot gooey brownie in my hand and starting to feel that all is right with the world. 

That means that I buy boxed brownie mixes.  I do, and I don't think that I feel badly about it. 

So last Wednesday night, I was needing some brownies, so I dug out 2 boxes of brownie mix (because it had been one of Those days!)  Dinner was almost done and so I started to whip up the brownies. I had some place that I needed to be in 20 minutes and Joseph would be home in 30, so I figured it would be perfect timing for him to take the brownies out of the oven and then when I got home... there they would be waiting for me.  

This was a very good plan. 

Except - I needed three eggs and I had 2.  In my despair I looked out the kitchen window (very dramatically) and I glanced past 2 little brown bananas.  Holy COW!! Inspiration stuck me like a bolt of lighting. 

I mashed those bananas so fast and threw them into the mix. I added the two eggs - mixed it all up and popped it into the oven!

So the lesson here - is that you can substitute bananas for either eggs or oil in a brownie mix. I am not sure that I would substitute both and just have brownie mix and bananas... but you might be able to do it.  ( * Maybe we'll run a brownie banana test on a day that it isn't a chocolate emergency *) 

So here is the super secret banana brownie recipe.


Brownie Mix
Stuff to Make your Mix - Eggs, Water, Bananas

Directions:  I guess the directions are going to be - smash the bananas up and add the eggs and water, stir until just mixed - because you don't want to over-mix brownies. 

Bake them according to your box directions - That's it. 

I'll be honest, when I ate them, I thought I could almost taste the banana, but I fed them to my entire family and my parents and didn't tell a single one of them that I had bananas in them and not a single one said... "Hmm, something is different here". 

I think this is the greatest accidental kitchen find that I have discovered in a long time.