Friday, June 3, 2016

Pizza Pasta

We have had more than a few nights around here lately where I have just felt like.... can Y'All just stop eating already!  Like, how can I possibly have to feed you again, I still have dishes in the sinks from the last time you ate. 

But I am making a really focused effort to make dinner for my family, especially on nights when I think I would rather not. This is how Pizza Pasta was born. 


Box of Pasta - any shaped, Cooked
1 Jar / Can of pasta sauce. (I often make my own, this time, I did not)
Pizza Toppings, (Pepperoni seen here, add veggies or even pineapple)
1 cup Shredded Cheese


Once you have cooked your pasta according to the box directions. Put it into a large bowl (or back into the pot that you cooked it in - and add your sauce and cheese. 

Then add your pizza toppings. You could add mushrooms, olives, green peppers. You could also add any leftovers that you had around - crumbled breakfast sausage, hamburger meat, Basically treat it like you are topping a pizza. 

It certainly isn't going to win any cook-offs, but it fed the family dinner - they loved it - and with a side salad they got what they needed.

Lots and lots of nights, dinner ISN'T Glamorous!  It's just dinner, but that is still a beautiful thing.