Friday, November 18, 2016

Tried and True Thanksgiving Recipes

Today I am going to share with you some basic, low cost and easy to follow Thanksgiving recipes. You can access each recipe separately, or you can download a free cookbook that has all of the recipes in it. 

People can get a little crazy and wild with the Thanksgiving dinner plans, I always feel that simple recipes and food that you are confident in making makes a happier holiday. 

Once for Thanksgiving dinner (which I had invited a LOT of family to), I made for the very first time, a turkey in a crock pot, with lemon. It was so sour, and the bird didn't fit in the pot and it never "roasted" and so it was still white and moist and looked raw. It was AWFUL. 

Last year, my mom decided to substitute her homemade yogurt in the mashed potatoes instead of butter and sour cream.  We had giant bowls of mashed potatoes that were absolutely terrible!

When I was in my early 20's, I was attending my first few sessions of therapy for a mental illness and I was talking about this terrible experience that I had where I had invited everyone over to try this fried chicken recipe and how stressful it was for me and how it didn't turned out and I felt so terrible and I was so upset by this experience. And the Dr kindly explained to me, that perhaps the first time I was going to attempt to make fried chicken, I shouldn't have invited over 25 people to see me struggle, that perhaps I should have tried it once before I decided to put on a fried chicken show for all my family and friends. 

I have taken those lessons and they are Very much a part of my basic Thanksgiving philosophy. People expect things a certain way, focus on family, on being together and just let the food be food. 

I am going to say that again because I feel it is really important. Focus on your family and friends - the people that you have chosen to spend the day with and that have chosen to be with you and just left the food be food. 

or you can download the whole Cookbook  from HERE