Friday, January 6, 2017

Just Don't Give Up

How's your January going so far? I hope it is wonderful, I really do.  I hope you taking this year by storm and feeling on top of the world.

But if you happen to be starting this year off a bit differently than you had hoped when the glitter ball dropped at 12:00 am, I'm here for you. Let's take a couple of minutes to give each other a hug.

My year has started off absolutely miserable! My 2 year old has double ear infections, 6 of the 10 people in my family are working through a serious bout of the flu. Our 18 year old rolled his truck on the way home from work Wednesday and the back up vehicle (how blessed we ARE to have been able to borrow one) broke down today on the way to work.  He and my husband were out working on it at 6:30 am  in the -6 degree weather.  They are now working on it again in the warm 12 degree weather.

Yes, I have so many blessings, I am a really deeply thankful for each one. But I'll be honest with you, I haven't thought for a single second about my goals to be more active, Have more meals together as a family or eat more vegetables. And I am not going to feel one tiny bit bad about it. I just warmed up and ate the last of the buffalo chicken dip for a late lunch because it was left over from the party and I am not going to feel bad about it.

The whole purpose of this point is because I am sending you my love and hugs and I don't want YOU to feel bad about it either.  If life has gotten away from you this week, that is okay. You don't have to give up on 2017 because this first week didn't go as planned.

If you have amazing goals and plans for yourself and your family and you haven't accomplished them yet (WOAH! if you have!) there is absolutely no reason to give up on them. That is the best thing about Food $ense and what we teach. You can begin at any time and as long as you don't give up then you're doing great.

So if you need to take all your strength to just not give up this week. Then you do that. We'll make a plan next week, and we'll make awesome choices the week after that.  If you can only make one better choice this week, then you do that. Maybe next week, you'll make two or three ... or even more.

And pretty soon, all these good choices that you are making now, they won't even seem like choices. They will just be how we live and then we'll be able to make even Better choices! And it will be amazing.

And we'll still have days and weeks and months... (oh Heaven help us!) were we feel like we are going to have to give up and throw in the towel and we'll weather it through those times too.

So give yourself an extra big hug from me, all of you who are taking 2017 by storm and kickin' ass and taking names. And an extra squeeze with the hug for all of us who are thinking that this is not quite going as planned. We are going to do this... and we are going to be Awesome at it!