Saturday, February 11, 2017

Spicy Tuna with Guacamole Bowl

Sometimes we get thinking about a food a certain way and we can't think of any other way to use it. Canned tuna is one of those foods for me. I can make tuna sandwiches and I can make tuna noodle casserole and that is the full extent of my tuna recipes. 

This recipe for a rice bowl that uses tuna can be eaten hot when the rice is nice and warm, or you can put it in the fridge and eat it cold the next day. We did both and they were both delicious. I preferred it warm and Joseph preferred it cold.

You can feel free to use any grains that you want as the base. And add any veggies that you have on hand or that are your favorite. It seems a little bit random when you are pulling everything out of the pantry and the fridge, but it comes together so deliciously! 

3 cups cooked rice - or any other grain
1 medium cucumber 
1 cup frozen shelled edamame 
1 medium carrot 
2 (5 oz.) cans chunk light tuna in water 
8 oz. package guacamole (This was actually cheaper than plain avocados at my local store)
Sriracha hot sauce 


Dice the cucumber and shred the carrot (use a large box or cheese grater).

Cook the edamame according to the package directions (microwave on high with a few Tbsp of water for 2-3 minutes).

Drain the tuna and roughly chop the cilantro.

Place ¾ cup of cooked rice in the bottom of each bowl.

Top with ¼ cup edamame, ½ a can of tuna, ¼ cup guacamole, a handful of diced cucumber, a pinch of shredded carrots, and a few sprigs of fresh cilantro.

Drizzle sriracha over top, then serve.

I made two of these bowls for lunch and then I made two in containers to put in the fridge and eat the next day for lunch.  These were so fantastic the next day - and they won me major points at Joseph's job for being the wife that packed such an amazing lunch.