Monday, June 12, 2017

5 Things That are Making Me Happy Right Now - Vol. 2


my Goodness, it is good to be happy. These first two weeks of summer have left me so frazzled and really just at my wits end. I decided that if I was going to survive this summer, and if my kids were going to survive this summer, I was going to need to start looking on the bright side. 

Here's my first month of summer list of things that I have decided to be happy about. 

1. Old Fashion Arts and Crafts - I am introducing the kids to sidewalk chalk art, making pom poms, melting crayons, finger knitting, water coloring. Almost anything that keeps little hands busy keeps me happy. It is so hard to work at home during the summer. You feel like you can't get any peace and quiet and the mom guilt for sitting on your laptop while you kids beg you do to something is sometimes crushing. Sitting together and having them work on a project keeps us both happy. 

2. Summer Rain Storms - How awesome is the rain when you don't even have to come inside. You just keep on playing basketball with your buddy and dry off when the sun comes out again. 

3. Kid of the Day - We have one stool at our kitchen table. (and Everyone wants to sit on it) Everyone wants to be first, have the red cup, eat cereal out of the bowl with the straw attached and it was driving me crazy. So we started having Kid of the Day. Who ever is kid of the day gets everything their way that day. We have three little ones, so each are assigned two days.  And mom gets to spend most of her day not hearing about who's turn it is to sit in the middle cushion on the couch. 

4. Eating Outside - Grilling, Picnics and Roasting food on sticks around the fire pit. Even slicing up a watermelon and spitting the seeds into the grass is a passage into summer. And keeping my kitchen clean(er) is making me really happy. 

5. Walks at Dusk - Sometimes it is just Joseph and I, sometimes we take the stroller and the kids ride the bikes or we pile them all into the little red wagon. After being inside for the better part of the day because of the heat, it is so nice to get outside and breath the air. It is nice to connect and spend some time unplugged.