Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Strawberry Green Smoothie

My family just can't get enough of these Green Smoothies or Popeye Smoothies are you sometimes here them called. I have been making them thick to be like shakes and thin to be like smoothies. 

They are perfect for the hot weather that we are having as a quick nutritious cool down or for a healthy afternoon snack. Lots of people enjoy them for breakfast, but at our house, that means I would have to run the blender while the littlest ones were still sleeping - and you know that isn't happening. 

I am getting much better at mixing flavors and even venturing out onto my own. I haven't gotten brave enough to just start throwing anything in, but perhaps we'll get there soon. 

I am also learning lots of basic steps, like a banana will sweeten it, and also make it creamier. If you use frozen fruits, you will need a lot less ice. And a huge tip that I have learned is that fruit juice in them, doesn't really do much. You can add water and save yourself the sugar and the calories. 


1 ripe banana
4 large strawberries (I used frozen)
1 cup low-fat yogurt
1 handful spinach
(water and ice to desired consistency)


Add all of your ingredients to your blender. 

The more ripe that your banana is, the less you will have to sweeten your smoothie. 

Blend all of your ingredients together. 

You can add in a little water and/or ice to get the consistency you prefer. 

The ice will thicken it a bit and make it colder, of course.