Thursday, October 3, 2013

Kale and Pepper Pasta

Yesterday was National Kale Day, you didn't get to hear about it, because the people who usually tell us that kind of stuff are a little bit "shut down" right now.  I didn't hear about it until almost dinner time, but I like to celebrate those kind of things (and I adore Kale) so we whipped up this quick pasta for dinner.  I found my recipe in the Food $ense Farmer's Market cookbook for 2010. 

 I was shockingly easy to prepare. I chopped the peppers and ripped the kale. I prefer to rip it because then I can pull it off the stalk which I don't like to eat because it never gets cooked until it is soft. Then you saute' them in a little bit of olive and (if you are like me - a lot of) garlic until they reach your desired tenderness. I like my kale really done and my peppers still crunchy so I added them at different time. When your veggies reach the level of cook-ed-ness (at totally made up word) toss the mixture with some pasta that you cooked earlier and top the whole thing with Feta or Parmesan cheese (if you want).

I served this to my kids and they gobbled it down. The kale was amazing it in, I had a few that picked out the peppers. I am for sure going to add this to the menu planning list. It tastes way too good for something that is this good for you.